#voteAnAlternative 2019

We have more than 2 Options

What if ...
The Alternatives can score atleast a combined 20% of total votes cast?


Frequently Asked Questions


But a Coalition is needed. We need AN alternative. One Alternative. Not Many

Do we think an alternative coalition can win in 2019 presidential elections? Based on the analysis done so far, This is highly unlikely.The numbers that may or may not be simply "written" in the North, is an issue for example.It gets worse, whoever ends up being the consensus candidate would lose some votes from the collectives. The supporters of one individual at the moment may not necessarily vote for a different individual even with an endorsement from their candidate.We believe that each candidate must run the best race they can from now (2019). They must garner as much support as they can and consolidate this for the future (2023).A coalition forming now may be marginally better for the overall objective, it however does not matter for the 2019 cycle.


So what is the point of #voteAnAlternative? If they can't win

It is about building new Systems and Structures. Nigeria currently has corrupt political structures which cannot sustainably produce good governance.New (and Clean) Political structures take time to build. It will also need a lot of money and a lot of support. These 3 are missing at scale right now in most of the available alternatives that we have at a national level today. For State and Local Government level, we can't say categorically, but truthfully we think the story is the same.2019 election is a show of force of some sort. What if TeamAlternatives can score atleast a combined 20% of total votes cast?2 things will automatically happen. The first is that people will then have Hope, a critical factor needed to build new political structures towards 2023. New Candidates may emerge. Existing Structures may even merge.The second is that the Status Quo will sit up. The existing political class realising that the time for sub-standard governance has passed will work to please the electorates and not some God fathers.This is why 2019 is so pivotal to Nigeria finally achieving its potentials.


But what if Buhari or Atiku wins (depending on who you think is the greater evil)?

The truth is that APCPDP at the moment is the same of the same. There is only little a President (even with the best intentions) can do in a democracy if they don't have the support of all the other organs of government. There may be a marginal difference between these 2 candidates. However, their political structures are basically 2 evils. We have an Alternative.Regardless of who wins out of the 2 dominant party, the alternative campaign is victory in the long run.


So What Now?

Spread this message!Come Election day(s), go out there and vote for an Alternative candidate regardless of if you think they will win or not.You can reach out should you require more information.